What’s in a name?

I’m Zellie.

I’m also called Jenna, Figgles, and That Crazy Girl.

So, let’s just set the record straight.

Legally, my name is Jennifer Lynn Wille.

I’ve been going by Zellie since high school when I joined roleplay groups as Zelda (from an oh-so-obscure game series).  Zelda got shortened to Zel but more frequently Zellie.  I’ve since been called Zellie by coworkers, boss’, friends, sometimes my Dad, and boyfriends so it’s pretty much me all over.

Berraine was a last name thrown together with random letters and “rain” just so I’d have a surname for my writing penname.  But otherwise, it’s just plain Zellie.  (Notice B is more conveniently located in the alphabet than Z!)

I use Jennifer on tax forms and checks.  Jen is just for convenience, Jenna is for day jobs so I don’t get confused with the other Jens because there are always other Jens.  There are even a few people from Back In The Day who call me Jenny.

And then there’s Figgles.  Chris calls me Figgles because he’s a gansta.   Some of his friends have picked it up now too, namely Applesauce.

Confused yet?

If all else fails, use fire.


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