St. Patrick’s Day Savannah Votes Hailey

March 17, 2009

Green with envy for the Island Caretaker potentials?  Or just plain green all over.  Savannah is home to the second largest St. Paddy’s Day celebration in the US (next down from…Chicago?  Did I hear that right?…)  I was lucky enough to get the morning off to see the parade.


I decided to spread the love with my handydandy campaign sign.  I actually saw a guy with a green snorkle but couldn’t get a picture with him as he kept talking on his cell phone 😛  BUT I did meet some great people who’ve heard of the Best Job and were excited to hear about Hailey!


I told them about her dedication to social media, her trip around the world, and generally why I’m promoting her.  Javiar (on the left) was great–he started up a cheer of “VOTE HAILEY! VOTE HAILEY!”  I’m seriously kicking myself for forgetting to put the battery in my camera ):  could have  had a fantastic video.  Ah well, my friend Amanda luckily had her camera phone.


Harley, the girl in the middle with the green hat, was also curious about Hailey and asked me a ton of questions (:  Thanks guys for the positive reaction ^-^  I hate to ‘sell’ at people, but they were genuinely interested.


Bubbles for the Best Job!

March 11, 2009


and Hailey too (:

While I know a lot of people have a preference for an Island Caretaker who will look at the reef with “fresh eyes”–Hailey offers a different take, more of a “welcome to my home.”  Her website says “come to the reef – you know one person there already” and that really encapsulates what I personally think is a successful Island Caretaker.  It’s not about going on vacation and posting pictures, it’s about connecting with people and helping them find their dream too.  Hailey lives in Queenstown so if she’s the Caretaker, she’ll be there to welcome you even after the 6 months.  Maybe this will segue into a more permanent tourism position (:  She’s earned it.


Hailey proves she would be a dedicated Caretaker–she is walking the walk…around the world!  That is the kind of competition I was expecting the Top 50 to be.  She has actually contacted local businesses to help sponsor her trip.  This girl’s got it under control!


As it is, less than half of the Top 50 don’t so much as have a blog.  How can I vote for someone to get a blogging job when I have no evidence they even know what blogging is?  I think this campaign could deflate if the Caretaker treats their blogs as a TV show or report, that one-way style of communication.

Blogging is an artform.  It’s about give and take and keeping the audience engaged.  It’s about being real.  Hailey is ahead of the game with a number of ways to keep those of us who didn’t get the job involved.

Another great thing about her is that she was dedicated to sharing the reef with the world even before she was chosen as a Top 50 applicant.  She’s marketing savy not a savy marketer.  Her effort to connect with people is genuine not rehearsed.  She has been an active member at Ning where she maintained one of the busiest threads.


Hailey is doing exactly what I would have done–and more.  I’m surprised that there aren’t more candidates using this month of opportunity to prove themselves in social media and beyond the 60 seconds the way that she is.  I thought the Top 50 would be a cut-throat race of creative campaigning.  Oh well, that just makes picking who to vote for that much easier 😉

Did you vote for Hailey?  If so, take a picture with a sign showing your pride–or encouraging others to vote then let her know so she can post it on her blog.


Congrats to my Top 50 friends!

March 4, 2009

Yes, Queensland Tourism has cut down the list of 30,000 applicants to 50.  It’s a nice number to munch on.  I have some frustrations and disappointments with the list.  I know some fantastic  applications that beat the socks off a majority of the list, in fact whether it be from the media whiz do-everything adventurer to the charismatic novice.  However, I am very proud to say that not just one, but MANY of the Ning community members made the cut!!

Congratulations guys!!!  Hope to see you continue into the Top 10 and if not, still hope to continue seeing  ya (:

Hailey – has done a great job maintaining a “Potential Top 50” thread and who can resist Bubbles?  Plus she radiates confidence and what a gorgeous head shot too.  She has some great ideas for what she’ll do if she’s Caretaker.  Find out more on her blog.

Anny – Who hasn’t heard of Anny?  Clear, concise, funny and with a grassroots movement to support her.  Find out more at  her blog.

Marcella – She has a great enthusiastic, conversational speaking voice and quirky fun amazingly animated video  Find out more at her blog.

Linda – Love her cute photo edits and genuine heart, I empathize with her aspirational state and root for her not just because she’d do a fun blog but because this job could really sky rocket her career plans (whereas some of the other people in The List would just be adding another feather to a very crowded hat)  Find out more at her blog and Best Job blog and aspiring reporter blog.  You can see more videos on her youtube channel and follow her on twitter.  She’s on facebook too!

Erik – has been around the forums since before I joined, the only Top 50 with kids.  Real friendly guy with a great attitude.  He’s taken the media attention with an air of calm and maturity.  Find out more at his blog.

Jackie –   She…ate….a….bug! ;_;  But seriously.  Good energy!  Find out more at her blog.

James – Creator of the awesome personalized short listing application with a great video that gives you a personal sense of his life.  Find out more at his blog and  his Best Job blog.  He’s also a very creative photographer.  Follow him on twitter.
Ben – Dedicated enough to make his own shirts.  Find out more at his blog.

Angie – Is she brave or just plain New York City all over? 😀  Professional but not afraid to get silly with those flippers.  Find out more at her blog.  (PS I must apologize cause for a few days I was calling her Big Apple Anna, oops!)

If you’re in the Top 50, please post  some more about yourself Beyond the 60 Seconds.  I asked QT but they won’t share the writing samples.  I’d love to read some blogs, see more videos, etc

The Best Applicants for the Best Job

February 14, 2009

Now, I know what you’re thinking, there can be up to 30,000 applicants so how on earth can I know which are the best? I can’t have watched all those applications! But I don’t need to.

The Island Caretaker position requires a weekly video blog. Not a report, not a book, a blog. The draw of a blog is the immediate, personal connection you have with the writer. What I want out of an Island Caretaker is someone who takes the time to really be involved with the community that is following their adventures. The IC should read, respond, react. If someone in the community wants to know about golf, the IC should check out and report back on golf or conservation or the mating habits of the goanna. That is what will keep people reading and watching.

The active members of Island Reef Job at Ning prove on a daily basis that they are already invested in the community. They don’t just want the job for themselves, they genuinely want to represent the community.

Below are some people who have caught my eye.

Rey, mentioned first because he was kind enough to mention me on his own blog. This guy is bursting with ways to get the community directly involved from organizing an Island Reef Jobber Meet-Up to keeping track of the competition on his blog. He is educated, intelligent, and he is devoted to conservation efforts. Besides, after working at Target till all hours I have major sympathy pain for anyone in retail or food service. He is truly a diamond to be brought out of the rough.

Vote for Rey!

Susie, of course! She started the Ning community and is always improving it. She has an adorable koala plushie and even has experience blogging from an island!

Vote for Susie!

Tony because he’s my number one fan! Haha! Besides being super supportive, he’s a freelance writer and his video not only gets his skills across with humor but also has a great idea in its presentation. It’s one of the few I could actually see used promotionally. As hard as I worked on my first and second, and they do get across my qualifications, I’m not sure I could see them on a commercial ;p I also enjoy Tony’s because, while he is experienced, he’s not a ‘been there, done that’ kind of person. If I got hired, it would really put me on track toward a real career, something I’ve been struggling toward for years. I think this job would be very beneficial for him in getting more travel-related writing jobs.

Vote for Tony!

Laura Moss. Whether or not she gets the job, I will continue to read her blogs because she has a great way with words. She digs up unique facts and presents them in an entertaining way.

Vote for Laura!

Kymri! She is my vote for the family woman. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s an experienced actor because she does a fantastic job presenting herself. Her travel photography is excellent-published even. Her words are clear, upbeat, and you just want to keep listening! Plus, she can handle anything. She’s been stung by rays twice and just keeps on surfing. She was also recently interviewed here.

Vote for Kymri!

There were a few applications that stood out to me posted by members of the community but the applicants just aren’t active enough. Doesn’t count to join, post your link, and disappear ;p

I may add more in the future. I thought about this but didn’t post it for a long time because I know I would miss some great applications and I know it’s sad to not be picked T_T I’ll be happy for any active members of the community to be selected. Especially me 😉

Make sure I see your video by posting your official link here. To read more about my personal selection criteria, click here.