You know you’re a writer when…

September 21, 2009

#1 …you take a vacation and find yourself taking notes and dreaming about paragraphs.

Since I finished those hardcore edits, I treated myself to a trip out to Atlanta to see the Aquarium on Saturday and visit Japanfest on Sunday. It was supposed to be a relaxing, writing-free weekend with the boyfriend (who occasionally gets neglected in favor of the keyboard ^^; ).

Then I ran across electric eels…. HMM, note to self, go home and research how their electricity works in order to make sure that Analee’s ability is fleshed out. I’m sure I researched that back when I first gave her the lightning but just in case. Then I found some adorable garden eels that absolutely must make an appearance in Deep Within. I can see Bones playing among them 😉

Then at Japanfest we got to see a demo of Paro, the therapeutic robot seal and I can’t help but branch off from that into the robots of the future in Sierra’s unnamed story (oy, I need a title because I don’t think her name is even going to be Sierra)

#2…. (added after a long day) you’re so engrossed in writing that you forget to eat. Again. ‘Just one more word…’


Once upon a time (again)

June 4, 2009

I’ve started several writing-themed blogs over the years but I always seem to revert back to posting in my super secret diary.  But I love reading Works in Progress so I feel like I ought to contribute my own.  Here I am again.  This time, I’m combining my writing blog and adventure blog.  Writing is totally an adventure (and also I don’t get to dance around the world on a daily basis T_T)

My current status is:  I hate twitter.

Okay, I don’t hate it.  It’s useful and probably great for honing my query skills but I want depth when I read something, I want MEAT.  I want a full course meal, none of this snacky stuff on the side.


I’ve got seven betas helping me with The Resistance aka Judgment aka Lightning Spliced.  Either I’m very smart or very masochistic.
I’ve got two very, very brave betas reading the rough draft of The Deep Within.

Due to the economy collapsing around us, the Grooming Business book is being put on hold.

I’m brainstorming aka daydreaming a delicious urban fantasy set in Savannah. Because Savannah is delicious.   Untitled but the main character’s name is Sierra.  Maybe.

I’m beta-ing four stories and a chapter here and there of four others.

And I’m teaching myself Japanese.