Gamer Girl Road Trip?

June 8, 2009

Just watched Fanboys and it was hilarious _>

I hate that it’s pop culture to disparage fans…whether it be gamers or sports fans or whatever. Fan means someone who finds joy in something – why is that considered so bad? I’d even rather be around a blind fan than a hardened critic.

you know…. =O I think I have had my first idea ever for a NON genre book. It would work so much better as a movie–maybe one day. I think it would be a great exercise in creating fun, larger than life yet realistic characters. Yes, I’m talking about geeky girl road trip book XD I think I should write out a grant proposal to get me some money to experience an actual crazy road trip first. Although half the fun of a road trip is the seat of your pants, too-poor-to-avoid-anything-but-dives kind of action.

I must determine what type of geek she is. Gamer probably–easy to recognize and easy enough for me to write šŸ˜” It will not have a drug scene. It irritates me that the turning point in road trip stories is always a drug scene. Screw that, she’s going to have several turning points based on reality. CRAZY reality. I already know the end which makes it easier to fill in the middle when I know what I’m shooting for.

I want her to start off introverted then blossom but introverted has the problem of being kind of passive–hard to make a really exciting first chapter. But I’ve never been any good about making things easy for myself šŸ˜›