Queries are meant to break rules?

My brain looks like mush but my query doesn’t look too shabby (praying the critique group likes it ;_; I think I’d rather throw it out the window than rewrite the first line again and I really do like it this time even if it is kinda long ._. )

The personality and adding both the personal conflict and overarching conflict = longer than I want…. I mean, it’s two short paragraphs which is about what every other query I see is…. But I did one draft that was a single punchy paragraph and I love how CLEAR everything is. But it lacks the personality and only touches on one conflict so you don’t get a sense of the Underground War setting. I love the underdog battles… I just started watching Firefly. Loved Serenity but just never got around to the TV show until now (thank you hulu.com! )


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