Yes, I’m a Writer

…I’m having one of those moments were I realize, I’m a Writer. Not just a dreamer. I’m throwing my life into this and I love it. I may not get “Lightning Spliced” published, I know it’s rare to get a first book out there, but I’m working my ass off to make sure it does. And if not, the second draft of Deep Within is looking beautiful and the brainstorming for Sierra’s story is glowing like a supernova. One day this will be my career even if I have to work part time at another job to support my travel addiction šŸ˜‰ It’s there. I’m in.

I’m Zellie, I should understand the power of names–how many do I go by? ^_~ But after how many years, it’s not until now that I’ve changed LS’s MC from Amy to Analee. It’s a transformation. Suddenly everything I held against her fades away and I see her as someone real. I realize that losing perfection is not a tragedy because it’s not real enough (duh). I’m 19 pages from the end of my hardcore edits before I do my last read through.

I just read a note to myself about Zcythe’s last scene. “Oh wow, that’s brilliant! I don’t even remember writing that!” ā¤ great moments when I can compliment myself.


The above was written about 1:30pm

It is now 5pm



2 Responses to Yes, I’m a Writer

  1. Katherine Matuszak says:

    Congrats on working through those “hardcore” edits. ^^

    I really want to get a bumper sticker that says “Real Writers Revise.” Then again, it may leave me feeling a little hokey.

  2. Zellie says:


    Haha, so true… ohhhh the revisions. I love ’em though. It’s the base structure that I agonize over, once I’ve got that down I enjoy sculpting the rest around it.

    Reminds me of the shirt my friend has been threatening to get me… ‘Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel’

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