You want more? Really?

Yesterday was the deadline to post a chapter for the upcoming critique meeting. Standard practice is if you want a critique, you’ve got to critique everyone else’s and show up to the meeting. If you’re not planning to go to the meeting you have no obligations.

After I posted, I got an email from one of the members saying she’d been looking forward to reading the next chapter but wouldn’t be at the meeting and wanted to critique it anyway!

Score! πŸ˜€

Although there’s no accounting for taste… I do have a few hardcore fans of Lightning Spliced who originally read it 2-3 major MAJOR rewrites ago. I’m kind of afraid to look back at what they read πŸ˜› And oh man… the fanfiction. OH THE HORROR! I wrote Zelda fanfics in high school and shared them with the kids at the after care program I worked at. I remember Jillian’s father coming to pick her up and telling me how she read them daily–had him read them to her at breakfast. I hadn’t really thought of writing seriously but he told me I should look into getting published. Yikkkkkkkkes….those fanfics are now an embarressment!

I’m hoping though, that that speaks of the quality of my imagination…that no matter how poor the writing, the ideas are coming through and catching people’s attention. Then the more I learn, the more effectively I communicate my ideas….. great writing + great ideas = career writer, yes yes? πŸ˜€


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