10 hours, methinks it’s time to stop

I’ve been working on CH3 of Deep Within since 1pm…it’s about 10pm…had a break for dinner and bellydance via youtube (well, dinner was not via youtube but might have tasted better had it been).

I kinda knew it was too ambitious to finish the chapter in a day. I did get up to the last few pages but still have to do those and do a review. I was hoping to submit it to critique group tonight but oh well it can wait until tomorrow.

I don’t want to stop. I still have ideas churning. But my brain is soo fried…nothing is coming out of my fingers except “He looked up. She looked up too. Then Bones ran over to Jadziya.”

Interesting what changes happen from draft to draft… Zoe’s been cut, Tiber is now a townsperson instead of a gypsy, and oh no I cut the firelizards too ): I kinda want to change Jadziya’s name and use it as an MC somewhere down the road. But there’s something about three syllables that just feels too much for an MC’s name. Despite (or because? 😛 ) BOTH my MCs in this story have 3 syllable names.

I wonder how I can write this and yet I can’t get the rest of the chapter out! 😛

I have some FF7 to beat!


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