My Transformers dream was better than the movie so there ha!

I was whatsherface–the girl–and Zach Braff was Sam. I started out at the B&B helping a guest who had 10 suitcases. Someone she knew died recently and I was talking to her about it as I helped her. She went out to catch a cab then sprinted back in and locked the door behind her. Some scary hobos pressed themselves against the glass on either side of the window. She and I hid behind furniture, hoping they’d go away but every time we checked…they were still there.

They started knocking on the windows and finally I went over and told them to leave. They started proselytizing to me while hitting on me. They had a huge truck with them that had music controls on the front so they were trying to get it to play a certain beat track. Finally they left me the truck as a parting gift. I was just glad they were gone.

The truck glowed along the edges and turned out to be a transformer, of course. I rode it around the city for a while and everything was okay until I got to work. Somehow I managed to drive both the transformer and my own car to work which somehow was at the mall.

When I finished work, I ran into this deformed one-legged bunny which ripped the eye off a frog and put it on a post along with some other small animal body parts. This bunny was a decepticon. While I was at work, they had begun to take over the city.

I cruised off in my nameless transformer, Sam joined me and we traveled along saving people from decepticons though it was obvious we were only barely succeeding–we were getting people out of danger but weren’t reclaiming the city. Eventually we ended up speeding back past the mall parking lot to see the front half of my car was crushed ): ): ):

We parked for the night. I was worried we’d be discovered out in the open, especially since our windows had no blinds but Zach was confident that since good and bad transformers put out the same radio signal that the decepticons wouldn’t realize we weren’t one of their own.

But somewhere along the way, the deformed bunny had hitched a ride. I saw him peering at us through one of the windows and we tried to hide. Then he snuck in and kidnapped me. Although somehow, despite being kidnapped, I still had a view of what was going on inside the truck 😉 and I have no recollection of what happened to me while I was kidnapped.

Zach/Sam is pissed and wants to rescue me but first he’s got to find somewhere to hide for the rest of the night. Turns out that if you go underground, signals are blocked so he drove into a hole and the truck disappeared from the radar.

Then I woke up T____T!


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