Those roaches are so big you can put saddles on them? They’re “Palmetto Bugs.”

hehehehe, rules of Savannah…

This city does have a lot of character, especially since I live downtown. I understand why authors are drawn to it. I am.

Some of my favorite rules:

25. “Abercorn”: An ancient Indian word meaning “traffic light every 50 feet.”

53. Expect your cable to go out when it rains. Or when it’s partly cloudy. Or on any day that ends with “y.”

64. Those roaches are so big you can put saddles on them? They’re “Palmetto Bugs.”

80. The editorial page at the Morning News isn’t really conservative; it’s just opposed to “change for change’s sake” (like those new-fangled horseless carriages)

84. A fistful of quarters comes in handy when you finally find a parking space downtown. We hear they make excellent brass knuckles too.

0. East Liberty Street becomes Wheaton Street which becomes Skidaway Road. Don’t get us started on Bull St aka White Bluff aka Coffee Rd aka Coffee Point…

91. Trying to get somewhere on Bay Street? Top off your tank and take a snack.

98. Yield when you enter a square. Unless you don’t feel like it.

Speaking of “palmetto bugs”… they have crossed the line and they are GOING DOWN. Mostly because they teamed up with ants, rats??, termites?? flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and all other manner of creature bent on invading my territory. The last straw was the one that crawled out of the iron while I was using it.

I never kill bugs, NEVER. In college I would rant at my roommate that she was homicidal because she would kill centipedes in our room–I would take them outside. But this is WAR. I will not tolerate mutant roaches dive bombing me and crawling on the PS2.

So I put my humanity on the backburner and grabbed some deadly weapons–Combat cartridges (made specifically big enough for Savannah style roaches) and Raid. I am reclaiming the apartment for the glory of French Fry Kitties.

(edit: the last few days since I made my first attack, I haven’t seen any alive….several dead, however, including one that had crawled into the bag I bring to work, ugh D: )


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