Multiple Projects

Yay, two much improved chapters of Deep Within have been submitted to my local critique group. I churned them out hardcore in two days so my brain is a bit fried on that (hence the dream about Mayuri I guess). I don’t stop writing though. This is why I love working on multiple projects. I’m now recharged and coming to my Lightning Spliced edits with fresh eyes. A section that seemed overwhelming, like it would take at least several full days is now elevated to Awesome status with just a few words.

Amazing what a few words can do.

When I put my heart in your hands
you weren’t supposed to eat it, silly
That wasn’t supposed to stop it’s beating

(a few hours later)

I finished twice the work in half the time. INSERT TRIUMPHANT FANFARE HERE! I’m hard on myself. I expect a lot and I don’t accept less than “better.” I think I get this from theatre directors. “If you’re on time, you’re late.” I’m the type of person that packs three weeks in advance for a trip, so early I have to unpack because otherwise I run out of clothes. Give me a deadline of two weeks and I feel guilty if I don’t finish in less than one week.

This was very frustrating in school because I’d get assigned a report and I’d write it that night. Then I’d find out we had two months to write it and we were supposed to turn in an outline and note cards written in the teacher’s specified system. So, already having a final draft, I’d have to go back and write notes.

Anyway, I think this means I should go see Transformers 2! (yes I’m a geek for robots and explosions)


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