Mayuri buffalo nightmare storm

Oh wow I dreamed about writing and as I wrote, I was living what happened. I was Mayuri from Deep Within but the plot was changing. She was new in school and bonded with other girls by putting Alorah down. She met the other girls in a co-ed bathroom where there were curtains instead of doors on the stalls. She was not impressed by the curtains haha. Argh it was SO VIVID at the time but when I woke up it took me a couple hours before I was like OMG THAT DREAM!! thus I’ve forgotten a lot of it -_-

There were a lot of things that felt ‘not quite right’…typical effect of nightmares seeping into reality. Outside school (we were in California) there were fields and fields of wheat bordered by a wide river. Buffalo were in the fields. Everyone acted like this was normal, including the two boys from Narnia, but Mayuri had never seen buffalo before. Then the buffalo started freaking out and stampeding. She got that compressed feeling of an oncoming storm and rushed back toward the school with the boys. It was a nightmare storm. They all tried to duck into a tent but it flipped off the ground. We/they were struggling to get into a school trailer with the storm whipping around us when I woke up.


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