Ananzi and kayak through alligators cloth car

I was hanging out with Chris and his friends Toby and Justin in my dream. They were talking about movies and I kept saying ‘Star Wars is on’ because I wanted to watch it. Then I went out and brought home a puppy lhasa apso that I named Christopher somethingsomething it was a long name. I thought it was perfect until I came back and was like…oh geez, I can’t have you both named Chris! Then I remembered I’d decided years ago to name my dog Ananzi. We wrestled with him for a while then realized he had fleas but he was too young for a flea bath so I tried to find tearless or PALs shampoo to soak him in like we had at the pet salon.

I soaked him in water and all his hair shrank until he was nearly bald T_T then I dried him off and his hair came back.

I carried him around and ended up on a really long kayak with Katie (the “You are What You Eat” director I was working with). She was paddling and I was laying down holding on for dear life because we were traveling underground and there were alligators in the water. At one point there were so many they were in a line practically crawling on each other. We bumped into some of them and their movements made waves rock the kayak while I held Ananzi tightly, worrying that he hadn’t learned to swim yet.

We got to the end where there were sarcaphagus faces in blue and gold on the walls. Katie said she forgot that we were supposed to pick some people up on the way here. I really didn’t want to go back for them because we barely made it here safely in the first place but I was willing to go because I didn’t want them stuck with the alligators either.

We started going back but then they swam up to us and climbed up on the walls by the sarcaphagi. The blue mouth of one dropped open and the one behind me opened completely. There were bones, webs, and treasure inside. I thought it was fascinating from a culture/history perspective but could care less about getting any treasure. One of the other people started talking about ‘g— kaigan’ I asked if he knew spanish because the first word reminded me of Mexico and I wondered if the pyramids here and there were connected. I thought ‘kaigan’ meant beach though and then I realized, duh, that’s Japanese. But why would there be Japanese in Egypt? The plot thickens (and then goes nowhere)….

None of us knew but Katie thought she had an idea so she rushed off and I did my best to follow her. We ended up in LA which was supposedly four hours from Atlanta. She drove a “futuristic” cloth car (dull reddish cloth) with no sides that I had to scramble to get into. It was terrifying and somewhat like driving a hammock o.o She sped down hills and around the highway surrounded by regular cars that could crush us with a look. She was telling me hints about the sarcophagi and at a traffic light, we noticed her friend driving a white van with bumper stickers on it. Another friend waved at me and put money behind one of the bumper stickers but gestured that I shouldn’t let the one in the van know it was there. I got the money when we parked but wasn’t sure what to do with it.

We stopped off somewhere that overlooked a valley and had a jacuzzi. Finally, I gave my dog a bath. At first he sank like a rock then he floated upsidedown with his paws straight up and I laughed saying he already knew how to swim somehow. He flipped upright and gave me a big grin–he was sooo the perfect dog. As lively as Oliver (my favorite at the pet salon) but still unique in personality.

Then I got a call from Laura Moss (knew her from Best Job, she writes travel blogs for She said David Spade was going to be in town (Atlanta) for a few hours and she knew that interviewing him would get me on the inside (of what?!) but I didn’t know who David Spade was, Atlanta was four hours away, and I didn’t have any questions to ask him T_T


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