Die together to end the Haunting

This dream went on all night. I would wake up to pee, go back to sleep, and re-enter the dream. I looked and acted like April O’Neil from TMNT1 but had no knowledge of the TMNT. Instead, I found a car with a bunch of money in it and the bodies of two of my friends. The police said the money belonged to my friends and that they wanted me to have it, so I took it.

Then a shapeshifter chased me around and my friends came back to life but they were weird amalgamations of junk from the car rather than people. The shapeshifter was trying to kill us. Sometimes he would look like a person, sometimes like a clump of junk including that creepy monkey with cymbals from Phantom of the Opera. We tore him apart and he put himself back together. He tore my friends apart and once or twice I was able to put them back together but then the life was gone from them.

I thought I killed the shapeshifter but then he possessed the dead junk body of one of my friends. I killed him again. He possessed the other dead junk body.

The shapeshifter got closer and closer to me. I kicked him, pulled his cymbals away and ran into a store. The money I was carrying gave me magic powers but I thought it was a curse. I escaped from the store, closed the door on him and walked out with lots of bags of clothing I magically generated so that I could put on a disguise and look like a tourist.

But the shapeshifter was after me again. I threw the money at him, hoping it would end the curse. I ran back to the police station for help but he killed the police. When he killed them, he became more human. He looked like someone me/April had dated and then I realized he wasn’t after the money, he was after me. He was obsessed. Twin life meters flashed before my eyes and I realized that as long as I was alive, he would be after me. The only way to stop him was for me to die too. So I killed us. I woke up panting.

Usually when I have dreams about being chased I wake up right before the end point. Interesting that this had a resolution.

I fell back to sleep and had a dream with some of the same themes but this time I was Elliot from Scrubs. I was trying to get together with JD but he was being dense. I found a huge bag of candy and money but my brother wanted it. JD and I rushed around, tossed the bag between each other and tried to hide it. I’m terrified of the dark, but I ran down into the basement and shut myself in a pitch black room. Something about the candy bag meant life or death. I think I also passed a produce section of a grocery store in the house o_O


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