Ryan Reynolds hearts me and we almost drive up a waterslide

I had a dream that Ryan Reynolds was flirting shamelessly at me. At first, there were four of us…me, Tramz, Ryan, and one other person. We were in a stone maze with puzzles and eventually figured our way out of it. Then we parted ways. I went back to my apartment but outside was a panhandler and usually I just ignore them and go on my way but for some reason I sat and listened to him. When he asked for money I ran inside and tried to lock the door but he pulled a gun and stared at me from the window above the door T_T

Then my apartment was a restaurant. I was hanging out with Tramz and Pattie and her friends. We were in NYC. Pattie wanted to order something weird but her friends told her if she did they were going to charge her extra for it since usually they split the bill equally. But the thing she wanted cost less than what they wanted. The panhandler was still outside the window with the gun but it was over the door to the restaurant now. In comes Ryan Reynolds =O he is prepared to kick the panhandler’s ass but the guy just runs away.

His friends are at the table next to us, they look like gothy LARPers. One girl is decked out with corset, huge boots, spikes, the works. She didn’t look anything like UltraNeko but that’s who I thought it was. They said she was KonekoNeko and that there was a song on youtube about how way too many girls call themselves ‘neko.’

Ryan beckons me over to his table and tells his friends that he saw me biking across campus and there was something so demure and unassuming about me that he had to get to know me. He was intensely interested in everything about me and wrote me notes asking me how Zhenya and Yulia were doing, how my writing was going etc. He continued to shower me with rather personal compliments and I was really embarressed. I just kinda giggled and shrugged. I wanted to tell him that he should ease off because I ❤ a Chris but he was Ryan Reynolds T_T and I wanted to be friends with him. I had this epic internal struggle–I wanted to tell him, needed to for his own and Chris' sake but I was afraid that if I did he would run away T_T

He told me that he earned a living playing tennis and across the street there was now a court (and it was also inside a mall). Tramz and another guy went to play and Ryan criticized him as hitting with too much power, not enough style.

Eventually, we leave the restaurant and for some reason I'm the one driving and Ryan and my friends are in the car while his friends (who had gotten drunk at the restaurant) are in a different car. But while driving I accidentally speed through a stop sign because I hit the gas instead of break (this is terrifying because I almost did it once, that's partly why I slow down ahead of time, I always want to test and make sure my foot is on the right pedal T_T). I apologize to everyone, we're fine, and then I do it again. On a highway. In the middle of traffic.

We narrowly escape that and I realize we're on a road that heads in only one direction….up. The road does a freaking loop-de-loop. SEVERAL in fact. The road divides into a bunch of subroads that are twirly tubes like at a waterpark but they go up as well as down and all around T_T I say "HELL no" and put on my emergency lights as I stop in the middle of traffic. I yelled at everyone to call 911 so they could get a helicoptor to pick us up and get someone to tow my car for me.

We climbed out and I told Ryan to call his mom and tell her to get a helicoptor for us. He said she spoke mostly Japanese so in Japanese I said 'I'm studying Japanese. NECESSITA CHOPPER' o_O; Then I said, okay, that's dumb but you're her son, you ought to know the word for 'need' and something resembling 'police.' But it turned out that the road wasn't as high up as I thought and we were able to climb down but I was really upset about leaving my car. I did look up and say 'I will never complain about the Beltway again'

Then I ran off to get the Entertainment magazine Chris got in the mail the other day. It has several pictures of Ryan in it posing with squirtguns XD I figured I could get him to sign it with some cool note since we were friends now.


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