Too many cooks… Letting go

Every time I make massive edits to the novel, I bring it back to another round of betas which results in more massive edits which results in another round of betas. Typically this is great as I’m constantly bettering my writing. However, I recognize that there are some inherent problems in the book (too many characters, never EVER start with a tragic event). I’m getting to the point where cutting/changing anything else is going to cut its heart out and that’s not worth doing.

I think after this last round of edits I need to sit back and let it be what it is, beautifully imperfect. It helps that I have some fantastic betas that have pointed out areas where what I want to get across isn’t coming through, and how to get what’s in my head into the reader’s head.

Once I finish with those, I need to submit and move on. I would love love LOVE to get it published. But it is my first novel, most people seem to create some ‘trunk books’ before they manage one that sells. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst šŸ˜‰

If I don’t get a response on the submission then I’ll put it on the backburner and come back to it later. Or just write an even better stand-alone sequel considering I’ve got an outline for it! I think if I keep hacking away at it, it’s just going to get stale. I mean, geez, I’ve been working on it now for 8 years, 10?? Heheee of course, if I DO manage to grab an agent’s attention that would be totally revitalizing and I’ll work my butt of with any suggestions an agent might have before the submissions to publishers start šŸ˜€

I’m dying to draft Sierra’s story–though given the Road Trip idea (Damn Fitting in, Full Speed Ahead is the working title) I want that MC to be named Sierra so now Sierra is tentatively named Jadziya–and I know I need to print out and rip a new one in Deep Within.

I’ve grown into an productive person. The first novel took so freaking long because I was just messing around, let other things get in the way during college namely theatre and boyfriends, etc. I can’t wait to use my motivated, efficient, take-no-shit adult self on future stories. I think I could manage a book a year while holding a full time job. The rough for Deep Within took five months and I think I could have done it in four–I was interrupted by a two week vacation in Mexico (I’m poor, I don’t have no laptop šŸ˜› ) as well as a two-week sickness D: That still leaves a full eight months for editing.


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