Bounce back – Differentiating Characters

Writing stress leads me to playing Mario Galaxy which leads me to giggling like a madwoman šŸ˜€ Then I slept it all away, woke up like a rubber band. I am blessed with the ability to bounce back. It’s like, I’ll tumble into crappy moodiness then as soon as I hit rock bottom I snap back and start dancing around singing This One’s For the Girls at the top of my lungs ^_~

I swear this relates to writing.

Because I’m crazy (and didn’t expect to get such a good response), I have seven active betas. 5 of them have names beginning with J. Three of those are Jennifers @_@ YOU SEE WHY I HATE MY NAME?! It’s difficult enough to keep track of who is who when they don’t include their name/title in the manuscripts I’m doing for them šŸ˜›

I know that succinct is effective. I try to utilize it in my novel. But for some reason I am incapable of being succinct in day to day writing. I KNOW it undermines my point to repeat in 20 different ways BUT I JUST KEEP DOING IT -_- ARGG!

One of the betas I’m working with has the same ‘too many characters / hard to remember who is who’ issue. But in reading her novel I noticed the confusion was coming from having too many characters in the same place, at the same time, all just being introduced. It’s not the amount itself that is the problem nor was it any deficiency in description. Even though the characters blended together for me, when I looked closely I saw that she had thoroughly described all the characters, they each had a distinctive personality…..but you couldn’t see it because there were so many things happening at once that it’s hard to focus, for anything to really sink in. Here’s hoping that’s my problem too because I think I’m incapable of defining the personalities any further without making everyone caricatures and I’ve added thorough physical descriptions on top of that so if one on one time doesn’t help I don’t know what will ^_~ Ah, so many mistakes to avoid with the next novel šŸ˜› and so many new mistakes to make šŸ˜€


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