Flying, Blue Whales save her pieces

This is what I get for writing a lesbian love story and playing FF7.

In my dream last night, I lived in Canada in an apartment with several other people (notably Angie from the Best Job campaign).  We were all orphans.  We had a Wii video game that taught us how to fly by holding our arms out and tilting our fingers down.  Most people weren’t very good at it but my friend and I were naturals.  It had something to do with us being Ancients but no one except us knew that’s what we were.

Until these two guys came to interrogate me about my friend.  They wanted to use her ability as a weapon (I guess she could do something other than flying?).  Of course I didn’t tell them anything but when I let her know they were searching for her she nodded sadly.  She walked me and a few other girls to this downtown area in Vancouver where there was a Soho South Cafe and some local whole foods places.

She told us that she had to leave so she wouldn’t be a danger, so they wouldn’t use her against us.  “But what if we need you?”  “When the apocalypse comes, I’ll be revealed.”  She and I hugged,  cried, and confessed our love to each other.  Then she flew into the sky and rocketed away in a streak of blue but she was followed by a streak of yellow.  I was rather jealous!  So I followed too.

I thought she was going to bury herself in one of the ice caps, assuming that it would melt and free her when the apocalypse came.  We were all pretty sure those guys were going to put the apocalypse into motion.  Instead, she flew over the ocean where three very blue whales jumped up and ripped her into three pieces which they each swallowed.  Somehow I thought this would be easier for her to escape from than being buried in ice and I was afraid the men would find her.


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