St. Patrick’s Day Savannah Votes Hailey

Green with envy for the Island Caretaker potentials?  Or just plain green all over.  Savannah is home to the second largest St. Paddy’s Day celebration in the US (next down from…Chicago?  Did I hear that right?…)  I was lucky enough to get the morning off to see the parade.


I decided to spread the love with my handydandy campaign sign.  I actually saw a guy with a green snorkle but couldn’t get a picture with him as he kept talking on his cell phone 😛  BUT I did meet some great people who’ve heard of the Best Job and were excited to hear about Hailey!


I told them about her dedication to social media, her trip around the world, and generally why I’m promoting her.  Javiar (on the left) was great–he started up a cheer of “VOTE HAILEY! VOTE HAILEY!”  I’m seriously kicking myself for forgetting to put the battery in my camera ):  could have  had a fantastic video.  Ah well, my friend Amanda luckily had her camera phone.


Harley, the girl in the middle with the green hat, was also curious about Hailey and asked me a ton of questions (:  Thanks guys for the positive reaction ^-^  I hate to ‘sell’ at people, but they were genuinely interested.


2 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Savannah Votes Hailey

  1. Hailey says:

    Weird that u like Haley bc she has no experence and doesnt even answer her own phoen 4 media intrvews. she hierd an assistant who does all her blog writing and vdeo edits. Somethin to think abotu.

  2. Zellie says:

    Hailey has done a ton of media interviews and is easy to contact through a variety of online sources – where on earth are you getting your information? Attempting to defame her character is really immature.

    I’ve known Hailey since before she was short-listed. She writes her own blogs. Her friend helped her film and there’s nothing about her video that she couldn’t accomplish on her own… if you want to go after someone for having a professional crew look to Iris.

    No, she doesn’t have a lot of experience – so what? She’s proven her ability to do the job and that’s more important than a list on a resume to me. Besides, the people who are experienced already have opportunities. I’d rather someone lower on the pecking order be elevated to this position.

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