Congrats to my Top 50 friends!

Yes, Queensland Tourism has cut down the list of 30,000 applicants to 50.  It’s a nice number to munch on.  I have some frustrations and disappointments with the list.  I know some fantastic  applications that beat the socks off a majority of the list, in fact whether it be from the media whiz do-everything adventurer to the charismatic novice.  However, I am very proud to say that not just one, but MANY of the Ning community members made the cut!!

Congratulations guys!!!  Hope to see you continue into the Top 10 and if not, still hope to continue seeing  ya (:

Hailey – has done a great job maintaining a “Potential Top 50” thread and who can resist Bubbles?  Plus she radiates confidence and what a gorgeous head shot too.  She has some great ideas for what she’ll do if she’s Caretaker.  Find out more on her blog.

Anny – Who hasn’t heard of Anny?  Clear, concise, funny and with a grassroots movement to support her.  Find out more at  her blog.

Marcella – She has a great enthusiastic, conversational speaking voice and quirky fun amazingly animated video  Find out more at her blog.

Linda – Love her cute photo edits and genuine heart, I empathize with her aspirational state and root for her not just because she’d do a fun blog but because this job could really sky rocket her career plans (whereas some of the other people in The List would just be adding another feather to a very crowded hat)  Find out more at her blog and Best Job blog and aspiring reporter blog.  You can see more videos on her youtube channel and follow her on twitter.  She’s on facebook too!

Erik – has been around the forums since before I joined, the only Top 50 with kids.  Real friendly guy with a great attitude.  He’s taken the media attention with an air of calm and maturity.  Find out more at his blog.

Jackie –   She…ate….a….bug! ;_;  But seriously.  Good energy!  Find out more at her blog.

James – Creator of the awesome personalized short listing application with a great video that gives you a personal sense of his life.  Find out more at his blog and  his Best Job blog.  He’s also a very creative photographer.  Follow him on twitter.
Ben – Dedicated enough to make his own shirts.  Find out more at his blog.

Angie – Is she brave or just plain New York City all over? 😀  Professional but not afraid to get silly with those flippers.  Find out more at her blog.  (PS I must apologize cause for a few days I was calling her Big Apple Anna, oops!)

If you’re in the Top 50, please post  some more about yourself Beyond the 60 Seconds.  I asked QT but they won’t share the writing samples.  I’d love to read some blogs, see more videos, etc


2 Responses to Congrats to my Top 50 friends!

  1. winston says:

    Rescues Kim!
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  2. Juweon says:

    Hello, my name is Juweon Kim, one of the finalists for the Island Reef Job. I just happened to run into your blog while doing a random search on the internet. I think it’s great that you have collected the blogs of other candidates here. Please come visit mine if you have time. It’s at


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