Like Xel Ha, this is an eco park.  Yes, it draws tourists but I wouldn’t call it “touristy” the way theme parks in the US are.  There are plenty of animals to see in habitats designed to look natural.  If I had a choice between Xel Ha and Xcaret, I think I would choose Xcaret.  A lot of the same activities are available but Xcaret’s evening show is what really makes it worthwhile.

The gift shop was weirdcool.  It even had a mine shaft and an area where birds were hatching.



I got sucked in to wandering around looking at the animals but there really weren’t any that were more exotic than what you can see in the US.  I feel like I wasted my time there doing that.  I would have liked to do the snuba, or sea trek, or ride out to the snorkling spot.  Of course, those all cost additional money.  I also missed the House of Whispers, Cemetary, and Village.

This guy is just cool.


There were castle bathrooms =O


I did love seeing the sea turtles ❤


These guys were huge!  I wish I had something to show the scale. 4 feet at least.



I’m not sure if it’s good or bad…


…that when they released the sharks, the sharps came right back =O




Though it was pretty cold (again) for water activities.  We ended up doing all the walking just so we’d warm up enough for the underground river to be more tempting than terrifying.  I wish I had had a wet suit!  The underground river was cool but it was built up to be way more than what it was.  I didn’t see ANY fish.  I also was under the impression that it was totally underground and you had a headlamp and all but no, most of the passages open up to the outside so it’s not real dark.

Once you get to the area where the cave opens up to a river, you see a few fish.  The lagoon was much more interesting.  There were some silver fish with a rainbow line across them and real skinny fish that hung by the surface.

The sun began to set and lights were lit to lead the way to the night show.  We passed by a horse show ): (I’m afraid of horses!!).  A lady wanted to get her picture taken beneath the lanterns, she was very excited but she got right in front of us and then apologized, all flustered.  I don’t know what language she spoke but it’s always interesting to communicate with people only through gestures and emotions.


Walk past the pre-show…



We got a candle when we walked in and once most people were seated, fire was passed around.  It was weird.  I can’t imagine that happening in the US with all the lawsuit and fire safety issues.  It was kind of worrying but also beautiful.


The show itself was quite long and very elaborate especially with the costumes and dances.  It was kind of a pageant of Mexican history, starting with the Mayans and moving up to Cancun the party town.  I wish they had done something Day of the Dead related.



While everything they did was impressive, I loved the Mayan stuff best.  The headdresses were spectacular, the drum beat gets into your heart’s rhythm, and the ball game!

I love the ball game not only that, but then they played hockey with fireballs O_O


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