Wolves, Night Elf,

I dreamed Chris and I went back to the Oatland Island place where there’s a wolf observation cabin and they come right up against the glass. In the dream, one of the wolves was inside with us o_o along with chickens and ducks and rats. I was like AHHHH THE WOLF IS GOING TO EAT US AHHHH D: except the wolf was really nice, just acting like a dog. But we called the ranger people to come check it out and they took FOREVER to come. When they finally did come, they let us out and said the wolf was supposed to be in there….I looked back and the wolf was jumping on a trampoline o_O;

Then we went to go take a shower. At the fabric store. However, every shower at the fabric store was out of service. Chris vanished and I walked into the kitchen at work where I found $50 on the floor but I could hear from through the door, a kid was saying ‘mommy, I just found $50 can I keep it?’ and I realized it must be what he had found but then I saw a big clump of money on the shelf and thought he stole it from that but anyway I gave him the money.

Then we were all living World of Warcraft (which I’ve never played). I was a super high level busty night elf @_@; with demon wings. The kid secretly was also super high level so he killed his dad and then grabbed me by the hair and started pulling me around. I was pretending to be on his side but secretly I was plotting to kill him. He brought me to a table of his cohorts and forced me face-first into a bowl of water but I was immune to drowning so I just kept my cool and convinced him I was working for him.


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