I had a dream where I spent a lot of the time as a man. I started out at a futuristic hotel playing a dangerous game with other people. I saw someone who used to be my buddy wearing a shirt that said The Unborn on it. He looked like a metalhead haha. Turned out it was some kind of evil power cult. (But…I like metal? ;_; ) I ended up running into an elevator to hide from them so I could figure out a plan.

THe doors didn’t close fast enough and two burly guys reached it but they didn’t come inside. The elevator shook, everything went white. I knew they were transporting me somewhere but when I got there, it wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t think the place was even real. There was an expansive beach and too-green rolling hills. I walked along it, thinking maybe it was New Zealand.

EDIT: I swear this is EXACTLY what the beach looked like:

From this blog post about Taupo which is, dun dun dun, in New Zealand!

I found someone who told me it was Norway, somewhere in Norway with a name like somewhere in Britain. It was so serene and natural compared to my typical fast-paced technology-ridden life mixed up with the bad guys.

I joined a bunch of people in swimming laps with dolphins but I was super slow in comparison. I found a girl who invited me to her house. She was the daughter of an innkeeper, their inn was thatched. Her brother didn’t trust me and I didn’t like him but he wanted a sleepover to get to know each other, then I was a girl and his sister came in wearing this sexy black and red outfit to ask him if he wanted me wearing that. Um and then they went off and my impression was it became incestuous D:

I lived with these people for a while then I’m walking back one time and get shot at. By five different people. I curse that I don’t have my gun with me, it was lost in the transition to Norway. I go on and on about how I shouldn’t have brought them into danger, we try to escape, try to find a way to fight.

Then a guy with an Unborn T-shirt, grey, appears in a display of light. He says that either I come with him or he’s killing five people. I’m terrified he’s going to kill my new friends but he picks different people. It doesn’t matter, I still have to go. The brother tries to give me his email address then gives me a fake one so Unborn Guy thinks I have the fake one but I remembered the real one BUT Unborn Guy can get into my email so it doesn’t really matter. There’s something about cookies and I remember catching Unborn Guy reading sappy manga online haha. I also had the distinct feeling that he would become sympathetic but just wasn’t there yet so I had to bide my time.

At some point in the dream I thought what was happening was a movie called Dragonborn or similar and I decided I should market my book as related to that because of the mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements and somewhat medieval setting of Norway


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