Toilets – Mexico

It amazes me how creative architects get with something as utilitarian as a bathroom.  It’s like, you’ve got to pretty up the process somehow.  And of course there are the euphemisms… water closet, WC, powder room, bathroom, etc


Castle bathroom!

And on the opposite end, there were toilets that didn’t flush in hole-y shacks with no running water let alone soap or paper towels.

There was the Mayan village with a wooden log bathroom with a thatched roof.  There was toilet paper but to ‘flush’ you were to throw bark down the hole.

And all the bathrooms had people waiting to give you paper towels for a tip.  Seriously, seriously?!  There isn’t anything more useful they could be doing?  It takes me .1 second to grab a paper towel!

At the hotel there was a bidet.  At least, I think it was a bidet.  I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do with it D:  I was tempted to Google it haha.



2 Responses to Toilets – Mexico

  1. Hey Zellie! Did you see the toilet (urinal) pic I posted on the Ning site? I didn’t know anyone else took pictures of toilets… I’ve got toilet pics from China, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Italy, Mexico, and the US.

    It’s not a fettish or anything, I just find it fascinating that different cultures find different ways to do something as mundane as a toilet.

    It’s nice to find someone who won’t find that totally weird.


  2. mywildheart says:

    Haha, nope…only a little weird 😉 I didn’t originally go out on a Toilet Mission but I couldn’t help taking pictures of the bizarre ones in New Zealand, now it’s becoming a travel tradition for me.

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