Time portal, Tomorrow People

And of course, I had a cool dream šŸ˜€ It was really detailed but I didn’t have my notebook by the bed when I woke up and then I had to pee D: so I got distracted and forgot a lot of it. I was thinking ‘I SHOULD WRITE THIS AS A BOOK~!’ oh well. I was outside in a park and for some reason I knew something was wrong, something had just happened, I dunno… suddenly the other people in the park deflated like balloons and fell to the ground. Ron (the guy that does laundry at the inn) came over to me and another girl and said, “You are the tomorrow people” and I was thinking “no way this isn’t like that show at all. but it’s still cool. and that show was real cool.”

The other girl and I got real excited and started running around the park, a colorful banner of silk emerged between us and flew into the sky. Ron took us to a hillside to explain things but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention because across from us, on another hilltop was a complicated looking clock and floating above it were ripples in the air. I threw a rock at the ripples and it flew back into my hand. Ron didn’t want us to go in it but I knew it had something to do with time travel and I wanted to find out what would happen.


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