Sunken Pirate Ship

I had a dream that it was Christmas and I was spending it at Nikki’s house (even though she’s Jewish? XD; ) and Chris was there. Outside the house there was a hole in the ground that you could rapel down into and eventually get to an area that looked like the ship-area of Okami. Big expansive place but instead of the ship, there was a lake and at the very bottom of the lake was a sunken pirate ship that you could snorkle in, not scuba, snorkle.

But Chris and Nikki were both very upset T_T!! So we missed the snorkling trip (even though I also remember going on the trip, running out of air and racing back to the surface). I asked someone how it was when they came back and they said it was boring and there weren’t any colorful fish. I didn’t understand how a sunken pirate ship could be boring 😛


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