Newly Crowned

In my dream, I fairly recently became the ruler of an expansive kingdom but I couldn’t be as public as I wanted to be because people were trying to assassinate me. I wasn’t born into the role of ruler and while my subjects supported me, members of opposing kingdoms were angry at what I represented–that I could get to this position of power through my own abilities and not just birth right, it threatened their own claim to power cause they were crappy rulers whose only qualification was birth right.

I had been given a ring representing my leadership. I hate things on my fingers getting in the way (iRL heh ) so I wore it on a necklace. It was very thin, simple, silver and I spent a lot of time fingering it as I worried about The State of the Kingdom so the texture is really firmly locked in my mind. Also on the necklace I wore there was a second ring, thicker and with a pattern of diamond shapes with dots in each carved into it. It represented something older, something about me that was before my rise to leadership.

lol and Chris was helping me hide in a bathroom, he was ruling another kingdom that was friends with mine XD


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