Mexico, Acid

I had a dream that I was in Mexico at a restaurant on the beach. Literally, the water and sand came into it o.o We were staying at both a hotel with secret pyramid tunnels underneath it and a beach condo like at LBI except the beach condo was in the mountains.

There were fish tanks at the restaurant and itty bitty goldfish were escaping from them so I started running around, falling on the floor, trying to catch these fishies and put them back in the water.

I then escaped on my own and ran into some kind of magical care bear-ish creature. We climbed up a hill on the side of the road and were in the bushes. It told me we had to get somewhere and stop something. So then a big pink bedsheet flew across the road and on it were a bunch of other magical creatures (girlie stuff like pixies wtf). So I hopped on but then we crashed into this building where the Something was.

Huge ogres marched us into a gymnasium and on the way there I grabbed a purple shirt from the wall. I didn’t really know what was going on, didn’t know how bad it was so I begged to go to the bathroom. Finally, they let me but inside the bathroom over the toilet was a woven basket type thing that you had to pee through. It was very difficult T_T It was also really warm in there so I took off my fleecy jacket and sweatshirt and I already had a purple shirt on.

There was an ogre in the bathroom too and he leveled a gun at me. I was like o.o oh crap, I’ll get back to the gym! but he shot me anyway. For a moment, I was really relieved because I was still alive. The shot he fired was no more than a little spot of cold that hit my face. He shot me 3 more times so I was like hmm I better act like this hurts so I rolled around and wimpered but then he shot me SOME MORE 😛 Finally he let me go back to the gym where everyone was sitting around or playing hand-held games and waiting for whatever was going to happen.

Then the cold spots on my face began to burn and sting. It got worse and worse, I thought ‘shit, he shot me with acid or something’ I tried to dab at it with my hand to rub it off but then where my hand touched it, it started to crack and peel and split open and bleed @_@

A model of the Riviera Maya emerged from the middle of the gym and you could see cars and people moving as if you were looking down on it from an airplane. The Evil People began to set off natural disasters, earthquakes and tsunamis and such. I guess our purpose was to watch and be horrified. I looked all over the area trying to find Chris cause I knew he was in the beach condo T____T


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