Male Celestial Being

In my dream, I was a male celestial being living a human life and my visuals were all in that old anime style art like Robotech.  I had a best friend, someone I thought of as a sister.  But wheN I was attacked by another celestial being, she got between us and died.  I saw a vision of her wrapped up with me in the sstars and very old.  Years later I went to a doctor who had a inkling of what I was.  He mumbled, asking if I had seen Dawn, his granddaughter.  I had a list of cards, each with a woman’s name on it, each who had disapeared.  I didn’t even know anymore how many women I had taken down like that.  Then in the middle of the office, I was attacked.  The doctor told me  I had to find my “pointer,” my female guide.  In the midst of the battle, my best friend/sister emerged from my chest.  I had a strong taste of vanilla cake in my mouth every time I was attacked.  The attacker struck her down and me with her, I cried that I had lost her again but when I fell to earth it was to land on a bed of soft pine needles but it turned out to be her spirit.  She was my pointer but as a human, she would age and I wouldn’t, as the vision earlier had shown.


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