John Candy’s Cenote

I had a dream that Chris had a pink limited version of the DS that a relative had gotten him. He didn’t play it much but for some reason I snuck into his room and started playing Cooking Mama on it. I had to slice carrots, remove snails from their shells, and squish down a lump sandwich. AND IT WAS SUPER FUN. Then I drove down a big iron staircase and at some point instead of takin the stairs I drove off to jump onto another platform where there was an overturned car (GTA) and to get the easter egg in the “game” I had to pee on it (Okami). Then I drove to Tina’s house except it was actually my house and I was living with Hyde and Jackie and Hyde was mad about the dishes but I got him some cake.

Then we went out to a cenote with a rope bridge over it. We crossed the rope bridge even though we knew there was a creepy guy on the other side, on an island, that lived in a wooden hut. But the creepy guy turned out to be John Candy. We wanted to swim in the cenote but it was kinda cold and then an alligator crawled into John Candy’s house D:!! Crossing the rope bridge was not a safe idea because we might fall in. So what do I do? I jump in. I guess I figured there was only one gator and he was distracted. No. There were like a hundred D: So I was swimming around as a fast as I could while they tried to get me D:


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