Japan sugar

I had a weird dream that it was the end of Chris’ semester (which it is) and in the dream I didn’t live here. We were at the airport doing something for his skeleton project when I realized that I was only supposed to be in Savannah for a week and my flight back to my parents house was the day after his last class which was that day. I looked at my ticket and it was for 8am…it was already noon so I’d missed the flight. The airport refunded me so I could get a flight back a few days later but I had all these plans I was going to miss (like plans I have in reality) and I was confused about how I could just FORGET that I only had a week here XD; Anyway, so I walked out of the airport….

….and into Japan! I went to a restaurant that had a bar area but it was all Japanese decor. I had some kind of seafood that was gorgeous and had sugar crystallized all over it. VERY VERY VERY tasty. I can’t even really describe the flavor, but really good. There were little custard type squares left on the knives (lol silverware) for dessert and those were also fantastic. 10x better than americanized Japanese food. There was also a napkin and stone altar given at the end of the meal and everyone else set it up with their leftovers like a offering. I tried to set mine up but the waitress laughed and said she didn’t believe in it and I didn’t have to do it. She also spoke to one of the customers in Japanese and I caught some words 😀 like ICHIBAN XD


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