Jail Escape

I had a dream that I was locked up in a jail cell with another person who I paid zero attention to o_O Frequently, the guards would come open all the doors and one of them would write words about the door. How I could see the words, I dunno but they usually said “Pinot” or “Pinot Grito” which I read as Pino Grigio. Finally I decided that the words are a signal that I should make a break for it. Leaving the other person in the cell without a second thought (o_O?!), I ran out at Pino Grigio. I ran across a desert and the sun was setting. I guessed that Pino meant sunrise and Pino Grigio meant sunset. So I ran until it got pitch black out and then it was like the movie Pitch Black 😛 there were creatures that could only get you when it was dark out. I found Samus and she had built a fire. She called back to the jail and said she had one of the occupants but that I’d be safe for the night as long as the fire kept on. I think she was on my side and wanted me to escape.


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