I’m Batman

I just had a dream that I was Batman. In fact, I was Batman at the Republican National Convention luuuulz. This was way more exciting than when I dreamed I was Spiderman and spent half the time mooning over MJ (who personally I find very annoying ;p ). So the RNC got ambushed by this guy and everyone freaked out and started running away and I was like….”I’m at the freaking RNC and we’re going to let ONE GUY scare us away?? Someone here HAS to have snuck a gun in… there are a bazillion of us to one guy….also this is incredibly convenient given the election coming up…. ”

I chased the guy down myself in this crazy car chase and it turned out to be the Joker so we battled on down a cliff and into his house and he was going on about how this was the spot where his wife died. I knew I was going to win because I’d seen the movie but I didn’t remember this scene from the movie so I was a little worried T_T


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