Heroes, Alice in Wonderland

I had a terrifying but also wonderful dream. I was walking home from work (which my mom had arranged to look like her house) and I saw Nathan and Jessica (or whoever :P) from Heroes. I was surprised I hadn’t heard there was going to be an autograph signing and wondered vaguely if they were filming so I got closer. Angela Petrelli gave me a tour of a skyscraper but one of the first rooms was barely lit and on either side were people screaming and flailing with tubes attached to them. Suddenly I knew it was real.

I managed to escape and got the help of my roommate. We went to sneak attack Angela with something akin to nerf weapons. But she used some kind of ability to beat us. The roommate made me think Toad but kinda looked like Chris (and I was kinda attracted to him so he better be Chris 😛 ). He escaped. I went through some vaguely horrible stuff and found that Angela had the skyscraper filled with people she had captured. There were good guys and bad guys, she was one of the bad guys.

I got locked up in a top room with other good guys who had been fighting Angela for years. They knew they location, knew what they were up against, knew their abilities, and were on the edge of giving up. Other people with abilities would come in the room and push us around and demand we work for Angela. We did, just to stay alive.

Chris got thrown in with us but there was some question of his loyalty. I had a Wikipedia print out that listed the good and bad guys, thought it might help us against Angela cause sometimes the bad guys would pretend to be on our side just to screw us over worse. Everyone freaked out that I had the page because it revealed our secret operatives. We heard guards coming, so they tried to rip it up and throw it out the window.

Chris got the guards to believe he was one of them, so he left with them. Then we heard Angela was coming. That was like a death sentence. She was the one that would take us out one by one, by this time only four of us were left including Parkman and I wondered why his psychic abilities hadn’t saved us. I was terrified she was going to send Sylar in. I wasn’t going to let her (or Sylar D: ) get near me again so I crawled out the window. It turned out to be very easy to descend the building by the ledges and outdoor blinds.

I ran back toward work even though I didn’t think it was safe but a big guy in a police uniform grabbed my left arm. Chris grabbed my right. Shit, I’m caught. And Chris is one of the bad guys. Before, I had thought that he was going to come back and rescue me T_T He was real good at infiltration, I think his body was rubbery and could squeeze into tight spots.

I also at one point was yelling for The Doctor to come save me and then a voice over said something about, the Doctor isn’t always there, you can’t rely on him, sometimes you have to save yourself.

But instead of taking me back to the skyscraper, Chris and the other guy took me to a cafeteria where good guys were chained up and guarded constantly. Chris would be my guard, we ended up crawling on the floor under a table where there were mangrove roots and I desperately wanted to crawl under. He said something vaguely like ‘not here’ and I started to get the suspicion that he was still on my side. But he was never direct about it so I had to just trust him, and I did but barely (my life on the line here D: ). We even had a violent fight, he hit me with a stick =O in front of Angela. Which I think made her give him more freedom with me.

Then one day we went to a different area of mangroves in the cafeteria. He squeezed my hand but said nothing. We crawled through and then had to crawl through paper bags that I just barely fit through. Time travel surrounded us, bits of history flashed past us, very dizzying. We continued into a surreal room of victorian furniture. Next to the door were three long metal objects like giant, thin silverware. They crossed together (later I realized this was a symbol left by previously escaping good guys but I didn’t know if anyone ever reached the end).

For some reason, going through this passage meant taking Alice in Wonderland tests. But I can only remember the boring ones because they were so random. Like trying to identify various ship parts on a screen that showed the Enterprise. Playing water paddleball, etc. Chris kept squeezing my hand but not saying much and the more he did it, the more I was confident he was on my side. But there was another girl following us and the looks he gave her made me jealous T_T

We passed by children dancing in abalone dresses and a guide who looked like Donna from That 70s Show, who was neither good nor evil. We had some kind of break from the test that transported us to the apartment. I was really scared because we hadn’t truly escaped. The apartment was just something we time traveled too–before everything happened, so it would happen all over again. Also I had weird bugle-like tentacle things all over my face. I pulled some of them off and the remains twitched and wiggled @_@ it seemed normal at the time. Then we had to go back and finish the test….but my alarm went off 😛

I wish I could remember more, it wasn’t one of those realistic dreams but it was real intense emotionally. I wish I had been braver though, geez 😛 I don’t know that I was going to go back and help everyone else unless I had an army at my back. haha I’m a realist I guess, I don’t want to fight a losing battle ;p


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