Ghosts, explosion sims, living with Toby and Randy

I had a dream that Chris and I lived in the Tree Top room of the B&B and that his friends Justin and Randy had just moved into the Azalea a little while ago and that day Toby was moving into the Holly. Except the inn was a giant haunted mansion with some Hogwarts overtones. The owner brought us all down to the courtyard and was complaining about video games and how we weren’t supposed to have them at school, especially ‘network’ games and some stuff about the place being haunted. Toby was like ‘lolno’ to the network thing and Chris didn’t believe the place was haunted. We went upstairs to the rooms and Toby started playing with this lazer game that simulated destruction in real life (it was like a pen lazer that he’d point at things like lamps which would appear to explode but they’d really be okay) then he wanted to play NES but it was my NES and the game in there was Mario’s Pet Shop. And I was like….?!!? wtf? WHY would I own that game, WHY does it even exist!? And I thought that a ghost materialized it into my NES o_O;

McGonagal took us on a tour of the gardens and to talk about the ghosts. We walked over a huge brick archway and underneath it was an iron gate. She unlocked the gate and it opened out and up unnaturally. Then we did some kind of zip line from this archway to the one way on the other side of the courtyard and as we were moving, she pointed out the bricks below and how some were missing but you didn’t see dirt underneath, you saw deep holes. In one of them was a screaming doll =O then I woke up.


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