Evil Yellow Gas, Power of Love

I dreamed that at midnight I was going on a field trip with the Murray kids to some place that had h’our dervs (sp?!) but on the way we stopped at a grocery store where I randomly decided to get a pregnancy test @_@; which was horrifyingly positive. I only told my close friends in the group and they all thought it was hilarious o_O I didn’t think it was funny but I wasn’t real concerned about it because there were several ways to get rid of it I was just annoyed at the hassle haha. Most of us ate a bunch at the grocery store then we piled on some buses. Suddenly I only had one friend so we stuck together.

We passed some people acting strangely–wearing gas masks and peaking out their windows. We stopped for some reason at a school and there were fountains of water shooting up from the grass. I went to play in them but someone told me to stop and when I did I saw that the water was gross and contaminated. The area started filling up with this yellow gas and I ran down some stairs. This guy named Phil was behind us and making fun of my friend being fat or something stupid. I told her that I used to be friends with him in high school online but this was the first time I met him but we’d drifted apart so I hadn’t really talked to him. We ran back onto the buses to get away from the gas.

Kevin walked on to the bus to a round of applause. He would say Isaac’s lines from The Music Man and we’d do the choral response then we all started singing 76 Trombones o_O?!?!?! The yellow gas outside was turning people crazy or something, I can’t remember. But Kevin said we could defeat it if we believed it o.o; He led us outside where some people were trying to fight the gas but failing. He said ‘nonono, you have to use the power of love’ and he did this hero pose and the gas started to dissipate.

….WTF @_____________________@ just…w…t….f


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