Bomb Squad Dog

…weird. I just woke up from a dream where my computer was hacked and riddled with threats. I called the police and they were over so fast I just kinda stared at them dumbly as they examined the house (which for some reason was a glass mansion? haha). Then I was like ‘okay well if there’s a bomb I should probably get out of here… will they let me? hhmm’ So I headed for the door with Maggie who for some strange reason was the size of a boston terrier. As I walked, one of the bomb squad guys was talking to me saying they hadn’t found the bomb yet and then said I couldn’t take my dog “It could be anywhere, we find a lot of them strapped to the chest of animals” And I looked at Maggie and was thinking ‘nah, I was just petting her it couldn’t be there…’ He said “It would look something like a clock radio. So then I thought, ‘Just to be sure…’ I looked back at her and on her stomach was my clock radio. I grabbed it and slung it by the cord. As it flew through the air it exploded. I grabbed the bomb squad guy and hugged him saying “THANK YOU!”

Now I woke up feeling weird and pissed off, like, what assholes to try to do that to my dog. Even though my dog isn’t still here :/


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