Beheaded bf, buried alive, Aden’s movie

I had a dream yesterday that I was someone else and in a relationship with an Australian guy who was beheaded. But still alive. So I was carrying his head to a family reunion where people took pictures of us but when I looked at the pictures, I wasn’t in them. They told me I should kill his body so he would die peacefully and I said, no…I’m going to kill his head so that he doesn’t feel any pain.

Last night, I dreamed that Chris was burying me alive o_o; then I ‘woke up’ but I was still dreaming. I told him about it and he laughed and said that was ridiculous. We went to his room which was the kitchen of a restaurant, a closet, and a partially dug grave o.o; Then I REALLY woke up and told him XD

Then I dreamed that Aden turned her book into a film that she was doing for class. She was being real creative with the special effects and had it looking better than sci-fi shows despite her lack of budget. I was applying to work at Hot Topic a few days a week to bolster my current pay and she found me at the mall and cast me in it. We went to the far side of the mall parking lot where there was volcanic activity (lolwhat? are we in new zealand?!) and began rehearsing. There were a LOT of dogs involved. And lots of them swimming. And an evil guy with robes. We hitched a ride on several dogs and the evil guy sent us through the rapids which turned out to be a water ride at Whitewater which Aden’s dad owned??


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