Aliens, MIB

First I had a dream that I was Claire and jumped off two buildings to get away from Mohinder even though he was being nice T_T

Then I had a dream that that guy with the cape and little clones from MIB2 lived in my house. He tied me up and then I said he couldn’t do that without my permission o.o so he freed me but then he started running around urgently. I knew that meant he smelled something =o like MURDER! So me, him, and this other guy who happened to be there all put on black jackets and helmets but it was just what we could find, like I had my paintball helmet on.

We drove out to the middle of nowhere where some roads were under construction and I suggested going down there but he headed to McDonalds instead. We talked to the people at the drive through who were sarcasticly saying there must be people in the meat. Other Guy agreed but Smell Guy examined them. Then one of them jumped out the window and we knew she was an alien cause aliens smell like murdered people o.o she was really elastic and acrobatic and dressed all in black. She tried to jump between the cracks in the top of the car (??). Us three then started doing this weird scream/keen that was really painful for her so we got her out then I threw myself on top of the cracks. She tried again to get in by flattening herself and trying to squish under me, really weird sensation.


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