Mexico – To Do Next Time

I swear I found something about zip-lines at night that wasn’t an evening of romance–I would do that again

I’d zip-line again and volunteer to go upsidedown 😉

Maybe go to Cozumel.  Maybe I got spoiled by Hawaii but I was disapointed with the snorkling we did and I hear it’s great at Cozumel.

PARASAIL D:  I wanted tooooo but it just didn’t happen.

Swim at the beach.  Whenever we had a beach day it was cold and rainy so we went shopping instead D:  but the water was so clear and beautiful.  I went one time but didn’t last long :/  The water is so clear you can see fish though.

Jet ski – When I jet skiied before I was little and terrified, didn’t even know how to drive yet.  Now I think I’d be more confident and what a beautiful place to do it plus there’s such a big expanse.  The worst part of driving for me is just that there are other drivers on the road heh


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