Welcome to Mexico

I was incredibly fortunate that despite that I’m living on my own, my parents invited me along and paid for my spot on a two week trip to Riviera Maya Mexico.  I had to deliberate though because currently I don’t get paid vacation at work so that’s two weeks of paychecks I didn’t get.  But it was worth it and I managed, even despite getting hours cut in view of the economic downturn.

I’m easily entertained by being able to walk onto the plane like this 😀


So, we get off the plane and the first thing I see……is an advertisement for Outback 😛 Now there’s a taste of Mexico.

Customs took forever.  I was dearly wishing I had a Nintendo DS.

Then we got assaulted by salesmen.  I HATE SALESMEN.  I can’t even stand it when I go into Target and everyone’s like HAY CAN I HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING.  I’m like ‘shutup if I need your help I will ask for it!’  That sounds super bitchy but seriously, I hate when stuff I don’t want is shoved into my face.  And it’s 10x worse in Mexico.  They will follow you around in stores, if you have anything identifiable about you they will call you out ‘hey familia, hey get this for your pretty wife, hey your shirt says Michigan, what part are you from’ etc etc

Then we exit swanky Cancun to drive down a mostly two-lane road. Here we get to see a hint of non-resort Mexico.  This is one of the nicer houses we saw.  We actually saw it later on with the Alltournative tour company.  They support people in this Mayan village.  They recently (within the last 6 months I think it was) got purified water and electricity.

picture-084The people complaining about ‘omg Obama is dictating how much money we should make!!1 how dare he think 100,000/year is rich!’ should come to Mexico and get a little freaking perspective (heh or even just off the main road in Savannah :P).  No one is struggling like this on 100K, not even in the middle of NYC.  You still have working toilets, you have electricity, internet, and worlds more.  I wish we could think of ourselves as more of a global community rather than individuals happy to step on everyone else so long as they get the Best of the Best.’  I mean, I’m all for working hard and being proud of what you earn but not at the expense of others.

The other thing I quickly learned was how many people in Mexico speak English.  How can so many people speak English there but not speak it in the US?  They would speak to us first in English, even if I spoke to them in Spanish.  It was kind of frustrating because I really wanted to have more of an immersive environment linguisticly.


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