In which Zellie fails at Cooking

Once upon a time, I was at college. For the most part, I was on a meal plan (which managed to both make me too fat and too skinny, according to who you ask). But on weekends, I was on my own (plus their weekend food was soggy leftovers eww). We had a kitchen right across from our dorm room but I’m a level 1 cook and you don’t get kitchen access till you’re at least level 10 (and then only starting with grilled cheese).

So I bought Ramen. My deer exroomie, Christina, used to get the cups of it and scrap off her vegetables to give me (she still does this and mails them to me in baggies!). One day I wanted to be adventurous, maybe get enough XP to level up so instead of getting Ramen, I got Ramyun (?) which is like Korean ramen.

It came in a bowl and I don’t read Korean so I figured it was like the mighty Cup o’ Noodles, just pop some water in and zap it.

So I did.

And there were fireworks.


Popping, bright colors, the fire department, the works. (Actually, while there was a fire every semester I was at Longwood, I was not the cause of any of them)

So I took it out and inspected. The top looked like it had metal on it which Christina tells me does not play nice with microwaves. So I took the top off and zapped it again.


Apparently there was a scrap of metal left around the edge of the bowl which, now that I think of it, seemed distinctly plastic and probably not in any way microwave-safe.

I have since stuck to regular Ramen ._.


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