Halloween is my favorite holiday

Wow I look horrifyingly young in my kitsune getup.



This was actually for a little independent film in Charlottesville involving the The Falsies.  I never did get a copy of the DVD.  I was an Extra Goth that got to turn into a zombie.


Because we love 8-Bit Theatre.  And Final Fantasy.  But mostly 8-Bit Theatre.  Yes, my natural hair color is disgusting, I’m sorry to subject  you to it.



There was a Goth Night at college but I don’t think I ended up going to it because I didn’t really know the people going.


This is my ghetto version of Princess Toadstool using my Ren Faire/halloween dress and a plushie Koopa/Bowser.  And fake blood.  I don’t know why Koopa is a vampire.


The awesomest costume ever!  Hand-made by me except the head and design by Beth.


I like to walk around downtown areas on Halloween.  Everyone wants to get a picture! One time, we even got a tip =o  Erm, this last time though… I instead got some french fries stuffed into my jaw.  They got squished and fell everywhere when I took off the head D:


Evil Mushroom and Bomb-Omb pumpkins

Evil Mushroom and Bomb-Omb pumpkins


Monsters dancin’ to some street performer music though my camera at the time didn’t record sound. You can see the lights in the eyes if not the move-able jaw.


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