1.  This was several years ago, bear with me…  I had a roommate and we had many crazy adventures.  Roommate shall remain nameless for reasons of PMS.  Conversation is approximated to the point of nearly being made up (but it did happen!)

Roommate:  We should get a cake.

Me:  A cake?  For your birthday?

Roommate:  No, now.

Me:  What are we celebrating?

Roommate:  Having a cake.


Journey to the Superwalmart (the Best Thing about Farmville, VA) ensues.  We proceed to stare at various cakes.  I remember that I don’t really like cake (except ice cream cake ).  I drool over pie.  So does roommate.

Roommate:  I don’t really like cake.

Me:  Me either.

Roommate:  We should get a pie.

Me:  YES.  To celebrate having a cake?

Roommate:  We will get a pie to celebrate having a pie.  Because pie is way better than cake.


As you can clearly see here:

x = pi(e)

pi(e) = m(e)

pie = m

(e) = (e)

pie = harmony

pie = harmonica



2.  This is only an adventure if you have any idea what it’s like to spend your day lung-deep in doghair, foot deep in pee, and arm deep in drool.  My coworker at the Pet Salon, Jen, was talking about how she loved ice cream cake.  Julie said ice cream cake was for little kids.  I said ice cream cake was awesome. Some facsimile of the conversation:

Jen:  I want some ice cream cake.

Me:  Me too.  Let’s get some.

Jen:  When?

Me:  Now!

Nothing quite like working next to the Food Lion and having a boss who isn’t picky about what we do with our breaks 😉


3.  I have needs.  One of these needs is ice cream cake for my birthday.  One year, Trevor was so kind as to order one from Baskin Robbins.  He took great pride (and childish glee 😉 ) from asking for the words “Happy Birthday Satan” to be written on the cake.  (My nickname in college, don’t ask  )

Satan cake

Satan cake


2 Responses to Cake

  1. Hi
    You’re story is cute and so are you, I like your cake and your cat and wish you many ice cream cakes in the future. I personally love Black Forest Cake for my birthday! Oh and can you post an elaboration on how one gets the nickname “Satan”, enquiring minds (or nosey ones) want to know.

  2. mywildheart says:

    Oh, wow, thank you for the comment! I only just put this up…didn’t expect to hear anything back =O

    One would have to ask the Lummox, originator of the name and member of the Blue Cow Cult. (Rule #8 of being a writer, answer questions with more questions 😉 )

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