New Zealand – To Do Next Time

I loved this country, heart and soul.  I would do everything again but most specificly, I’d do the Dragons Blackwater Cave Rafting, hanggliding (we did it in Queenstown but I’d like to go somewhere greener), and because I’m a geek for simple science and water, Waiau Waterworks.

We were going to swim with dolphins in Paiha but it was canceled because of the rain.  Since then, I got to do it in Mexico.  I enjoyed it a lot but it was very scripted.  In Paiha, it would have been wild dolphins and that I think would be a very different and equally amazing experience.

I would spend a LOT more time in Rotorua because geothermal stuff fascinates me.

I would take the helicopter onto one of the glaciers rather than hike just to get more time on the glacier and get further onto it, be more encompassed by ice.

I’d take the plane to Milford Sound and go to the underwater observatory where you can see black coral.

I would paraglide in Queenstown.

I would go to a spa and find a thermal pool.  Most of the hostels I looked at online said they had thermal pools….NONE of the ones we ended up at did!

I’d spend more time in hostels.  My friend wasn’t a big fan of them and our money went much further there than here so we ended up in some swanky hotels so it was nice to try that, but I want to go back for the hostel experience and spend more time in a single hostel.

I want to go see the giant Octopus =O

Ride the dunbuggys in Bay of Plenty and those wind riders…  you’re real low to the ground on wheels and have a sail, you go across the beach.

Abseil and explore Waitomo.

I’d spent more time on Mauri culture.  We had the Bushwhacka activity scheduled but found nothing there but chihauhaus…  this was going to involve a recreation of Mauri ceremonies and FOOD!

Canyoning? I don’t even know what this is but it sounds cool!

Looking back, there are a TON of caving activities around Auckland which makes me want to go back to the North Island next time and save the South for the time after that 😉  But but but Queenstown… Maybe there’s paragliding up north somewhere!

The flying fox!

Windsurfing and kitesurfing, sure there are other places to do it but New Zealand is not just gorgeous but REMOTE so you’re not crowded

Whale-watching.  I’ve done it in California but again, New Zealand is just so gorgeous and remote you really would get a different vibe



Swamp Crossing

River surfing

Spookers! We ended up running out of time (and not wanting to drive around Auckland to get MORE lost) but they still send me emails 😉

Ride a tank?!

Because I’m a geek for Labyrinth



Make a music video??

Speaking of theatrics, I’d like to go on the WETA tour in Wellington maybe some of the other movie tours


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