Shopping in NZ

I’m not big on shopping but there was some neat stuff in NZ.  There’s a gift shop at just about every i-site and most of it is similar.

Paiha had a neat little shopping area with some tongue-in-cheek touristy stuff.  Fox Glacier’s gift shop area was a little more classy.  Queenstown had a lot of shops but some of the stuff was more like what you’d get in America–department stores, etc– plus useful stuff like adventure equipment.

Wellington had some nice shops but it was also along the lines of Queenstown.  Really the best shop was D.VICE, the sex shop =O  It was the most clean-cut friendly sex shop I’ve ever been in.  I would say it’s due to New Zealand’s more open minded views on sexuality compared to American’s embarressment and guilt complex but there were some skeazy looking sex shops that we didn’t dare even walk by.

There’s a great place in Auckland called Craft World where individual artists have booths.  It’s huge.

For essentials, there is of course The Warehouse but we only saw it in bigger cities.

Waiau Waterworks had a lovely gift shop filled with shell art.  I wish I’d got ssome.

Stuff I got or wish I got:

fuzzy sheep wool socks, kiwi candy, kiwi poop candy, vibrating sheep that say ‘I love you,’ dirty kiwi boxers… (haha yeah it all sounds touristy D: )

And of course, the necklace I wear almost daily.  The shape means creativity and progress.



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