New Zealand – Taupo

Lake Taupo was big and beautiful.  It was odd considering it’s smack in the middle of the North Island.  I’m used to thinking of the big cities being on the coasts.  The city was very pristine, organized, and felt more Americanized than the others for some reason–a good area to walk around and shop in, there’s not a lot of that in what we saw of NZ.

I unfortunately didn’t get a good picture of the lake :/  but here are some random pictures 😀



Gotta love the variety of vegetation

I think these next three were actually on the way to Wanaka ^_~




They had a park and a superloo.

REALLY important...


And the circus was in town.

Not far from Taupo is The Prawn Park which is NZ’s version of a cheap tourist attraction.  But it’s really not overrun enough to be touristy.  We enjoyed it.  We got to stick our hands in the water and feed the prawns, fish for them (didn’t catch anything), and got a thorough edumacating.  There was a geothermal foot bath but I don’t think the other water activities were open.  There was a nice walk round the park following the “Fun, this way!” signs.


Shawn the Prawn is my buddy


We are The Prawns



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