The road around Coromandel is kind of terrifying.  It’s narrow and drops right into the water.  Narrow enough that when I’d look out the window, I couldn’t see the road, all I could see was water.  For the next few days I ended up jerking away from nightmares that we fell into the water.

We stopped partway for the awesome monster tree.




Hanging from the tree was an ET fetus D: Creepy!

Did I mention the drive was breathtaking?


With a webpage like this you expect Coromandel to be a booming city.  It’s not.  It’s a little place with a couple restaurants, an i-site and…I’m not sure if we found a grocery store.  I expected 309 to be a highway with tons of exits.  It’s not, it’s a dirt road.  However, it is still pretty kickass (or more kickass).

Waiau Waterworks made it all worth while. There’s a sign there that says “poke it, it might do something cool.”  I’m a geek when it comes to machinery that’s simple enough for me to understand and everything at this place is mechanical, mostly hydromechanical, from a music box to squirting bikes. I had a blast and would do it again.

There were also weird sculptures everywhere.

Men at Work

Danger: Men at Work

  • Get in there!Get in there!
  • Witches get high tech

    Witches get high tech

    And a cafe with very friendly birds and neat tables.


    Change your center of gravity and it spins you!

    Change your center of gravity and it spins you!

    Air bikes go round and round, up and down

    Air bikes go round and round, up and down

    I wish I had more pictures of the gadgets but we were too busy playing 😉

    Shell art!  There was one I wish I’d bought, not this but a driftwood frame with shells and and and ;_;


    I think we would have enjoyed Coromandel more if we had planned more specific activities to do there.  We went in expecting that kind of thing to be easy to find but everything was so spread out you really have to know what you want to do and where it is.  We were also hoping to have a beach day but it was rainy again.  Notably there are places on some of the beaches where you can dig your own hot spring.


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