Food – New Zealand

The food in New Zealand is simplisticly delicious.  The lack of processed food is very good to my tummy.  We did resort (unwillingly) to eating at a McDonalds in Greymouth and recounted it to our Dragons Blackwater Cave tourguide.  He said, ‘Don’t you Americans know that’s bad for you??’  He also mentioned that they didn’t usually see tourists as young as we were.  We said it was rare to be responsible and save, he said ‘Ahh, drink it all and piss it up a wall.’



It’s becoming a tradition for me to taste-test unusual candy wherever I go partly because Chris is Made of Candy(tm).  I also picked up Skittles because New Zealand has different flavors in the Original Flavor pack–including blackberry, mmmm.  Tictacs had flavors like kiwi and passionfruit.

Cookie Time cookies are all over the place, can’t remember if we actually tried them or not.  This airplane was on the way south to Wellington not far from the sign about peachy cow teats.



Can you see our prawn patte, made with real prawn?  Beth put the prawn skeleton on her finger o.o  When we went to the Buried Village I was very excited because there was some delicious raspberry tea.  We had a game of comparing everything in New Zealand, especially the most mundane things, and finding them better than what’s offered in the US.  The US may have quantity but NZ beats it out in quality.  Like tea.  So I was going on and on about how great this tea was and she was like ‘….it’s just Stash tea, you can get it at the grocery store…’   Dear everyone:  mail me wild raspberry Stash tea and I will ❤ your face.

Cafe Eutopia

Cafe Eutopia


A lovely little place that Alex told me about.  Our Swimming with Wild Dolphins got canceled due to rain so we ended up driving all over the northland looking for nothing more than this place and some Kauri trees.  This place, by the way, was totally worth it.  The design is very fairy-tale, complete with a bridge and the tables are all in little alcoves where people have written things in chalk.  Delicious little sandwiches and a great selection of teas, probably my favorite restaurant in the entirity of New Zealand.



Eating at Hell Pizza in Queenstown.  Given that the place has a view of The Remarkables (Mordor, which btw, we hangglided across from), we had to order a Mordor pizza.  The box has a piece that tears out to form a coffin for your “remains” 😉

Possum Pie

Possum Pie

Our tour guide at the Dragons Blackwater Cave tour suggested we stop off for some possum pie.  Possum PIE?!  So not far south from Greymouth we found this little town, I have the business card somewhere.  The name was something like “Puke” and it had a population of 2, boasted the card.  There was a restaurant/shop/something with DELICIOUS banana and chocolate chip ice cream.  Why isn’t that more common here?!  It’s a brilliant combination!  Thank goodness that Cold Stone can occasionally satisfy my cravings for it.


So here we found a huge buck  just outside a gate.  Very friendly.  We also found out that possums are a huge problem in New Zealand.  I think they were brought over from Australia and overbred.  So these enterprising people decided to make a business of killing the possums (PETA, don’t hurt me ;_; ) and making them into food, specificly pie.  Beth was more daring about it but I tasted it and it was just like dark meat on chicken with a smokey taste.

In Queenstown, there was a hip gelato place–first time I’ve ever seen gelatoh because I live in a hole.  It remains the best gelato I’ve ever tasted.  There were a ton of awesome fruit flavors like mango, kiwi, peach, etc plus chocolate orange and raspberry and mmmmm.  The place was way modern with lcd screens on the wall and everything else white, techno music playing.  It was called Lick.


Don't eat the Kiwis!

The people also call themselves Kiwis!

Honorable mention to Alex’s bbq farewell on our last day (:


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