Welcome to New Zealand

Sometimes I have an aimless drive for adventure.  I knew I wanted to travel but wasn’t particular about where until my friend started telling me about New Zealand.  Sometimes it seems like The Perfect Country.  We had to go.  So, I spent several years saving up and when I got my first job and then my first vacation, New Zealand it was to be.

After a slumber party of a plane ride, we arrived in the land of The Tribe, Lord of the Rings, and Vegemite just before daybreak.

Apologies in advance for my existence in some of these photos ^_~ between fading hair color, bulky clothes for the cold, and no make-up…ick.  The Mexico pics are a bit more flattering to me haha  /vanity


Once on land, the ground felt…weird.  Like it was ever so slightly moving.  I thought it was from sitting on the plane for so long but my friend said it’s something about being on an island, you can feel the ocean’s movement beneath you.

I have never breathed air so delicious, it was like ambrosia for my lungs.  I kept having to stop and just breathe.  Especially once we got out into the countryside.  It felt so good.

Back when the trip was in planning stages, I posted to Holiday Wishes for some tips and ended up meeting Alex who has become a great friend.  So once we got through the maze that is customs, Alex and his wife Carol were waiting for us.  Very cool  to come to the other side of the world and have people you’ve never met be right there with this sign:

Zellie & Beth

Zellie & Beth

(even cooler when you see the same awesome people and their kitties at the end of a trip for a bbq and blueberry tea!)

In the two weeks we were in New Zealand, we stopped at two McDonalds–probably the only two on the island.  The first was just after landing because it had a “McCafe”….TEA. (The second because it was the only thing open in Greymouth at 10pm that didn’t look like a red neck bar D: )  This was very exciting for us because we love tea.  Especially hot tea.  Yes that is a euphamism.  No I won’t tell you what it means.

Anyway, so after  CAFE McDonalds’, they took us up to One Tree Hill as the sun was rising.  In that instant I knew I wouldn’t want to go home (I did cry when I had to board the plane back).

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill



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